Avalon-Residenz: Interview mit Godess Amazon, auf Englisch 1

Interview mit Godess Amazon, auf Englisch


By slave andy

1. Goddess Amazon I want to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to interview you about your visit to Avalon Residenz.   This was your first visit to Avalon Residenz correct?

Yes! It was also my first visit to Berlin. I was very impressed with both the city and the Residenz. Even though it was my first visit, it definitely won’t be my last.

2. You are traveling to Germany three to four times a year; I’m surprised to hear that this was your first visit to Berlin.  

Normally when I travel to Germany I stay in Bavaria. I’ve always wanted to visit Berlin but I could never fit it into my travel schedule. In the summer 2006 I stayed in Germany for 4 weeks. During this time I had the opportunity to include Berlin in my travel schedule. Once everything was finalized, I made accommodations to stay and provide sessions at the Avalon Residenz.

3. How did you hear about Avalon Residenz?

Most American Dominas who travel to Europe are aware of Dungeons (Studios) where the owners/Dommes speak English. When it comes to Germany, Avalon is at the top of the list. This is very important to traveling American Mistresses like myself. I was always aware of Studio Avalon and its founders- Domina Mercedes and Lady Marlon. When my friend Domina Dante Posh reported to me what a great time she had there I decided to visit soon. While talking with Domina Mercedes and Lady Marlon via email, they told me about the Avalon Residenz. During that time the Residenz wasn’t finished yet but Domina Mercedes sent me a link to the site where I can see pictures of the place. I was impressed with what I saw and decided to go there.

4. How was your traveling experience there?

My flight to tegel was great. It was only a 50 minute flight from Munich to Berlin. Once I collected my luggage I walked into the arrival section of the airport and saw a tall male holding a sign with the words AMAZON on top and AVALON on the bottom. Seeing that sign made me smile. Once he saw me he gave me a friendly greeting and politely took my bags to his vehicle. The drive from the airport to the Avalon Residenz was short. This was a good thing because I was too excited to stay seated for long. Before I knew it, we were at the Residenz.

5. What was your first impression of Avalon Residenz?

When you drive to the entrance of the Residenz, there is a wooden gate that stays locked for security purposes. I liked that feature very much because the last night I was there I was alone but I felt very safe inside.  Once I was inside the gate I noticed the beautiful lake to the right and a slave working on the grounds. The building looks like a normal factory structure. It’s normal looking on the outside but once I walked inside I was pleasantly surprised. WOW!

6. Was anyone else there?

Yes, there were 3 other Dominas there. They were very friendly and polite. While one of them went to get Lady Marlon I sat at the table and talked with the other 2 Dominas. I felt instantly at home there. There were no egos, no bad attitudes and no drama. The people there were very down to earth and polite. They also spoke good English, which rarely happens in Bavaria.

7. Well that’s good to know. A good attitude can take one far in life. Were the Dominas there for business or pleasure?

I’m not sure because I didn’t ask but two of the Dominas there had a slave with them.

8. Did you eventually meet Lady Marlon?

YES! A very nice person and beautiful too. I was glad to finally meet her. I’ll never forget what she was wearing. She wore a leather catsuit that looked great on her. I have a huge leather fetish so when I see someone wear nice leather clothes I never forget it. She walked me to my room and than gave me a complete tour of the Residenz.

9. Isn’t leather clothing common for Dominas?

Most of the Dominas and slaves in Germany love latex. Every time I visit a Dungeon, kinky party or convention in Germany only 2% of the people attending are wearing leather. Leather isn’t popular in Germany like it is in the United States. I have a huge leather fetish so regardless of its unpopularity in Germany; I will always love and wear it.

10. Now I know what to buy you for your birthday. How were your accommodations?

My accommodations at Avalon Residenz exceeded my expectations. The room I was given was big and beautiful. I love the color on the walls in the room but the most important part of the room to me was the bed. I am a very tall woman and I’m always concern about the beds I sleep in. There have been times when I have slept in beds that were too small for my body. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case at the Residenz. It was a relief to know that the bed in my room was bigger than I expected. Oh and it was soooooooooo comfortable. All of the rooms in the Residenz had lots of dressers and cabinets to store clothes. Two mirrors, with one of them being long enough to view my entire body. My room also had a nice view of the lake that was very peaceful and computer in the corner with internet access.  Plenty of fresh clean towels and bathroom located across the hall. It was perfect! After I put away my clothes Lady Marlon came to my room ready to give me the tour of the Residenz.

11. What did you think about the rest of Avalon Residenz!?

I was very impressed. From the outside it doesn’t look that big but when Lady Marlon showed me all the rooms and features I realized it was bigger than I expected. The layout of Avalon Residenz was well done. There is a nice area full of stylish chairs with his and her bathrooms. A perfect place for kinky parties, social events and workshops. The room also has a kitchenette in the corner. This is ideal for maids or servant to prepare/serve drinks and food to the guest during parties.

The top floor has an interview room with lockers for slaves. All slaves who store their personal possessions in the locker can keep the key with them at all times. The Avalon Residenz also provides robes for males who are too shy to walk around the Residenz nude. The room across from the interview room is the clinic room and down the hall from that room is the school room and rubber room (which has a suspension device and toilet throne). The last room is another dungeon room that has several punishment furniture in it to use. This was my favorite room in the Residenz. As a matter of fact, I used this room for most of my sessions. It has two crosses, a spanking bench, CBT chair, suspension rack and other nice punishment furniture.

12. Does the Residenz provide punishment tools?

No. Pro Dommes who use the Residenz for professional sessions must bring their own toys and tools. I always bring my “kinky suitcase” with me so this is not a problem. Most American Dommes do not travel outside the United States with kinky toys and punishment tools in their suitcase because it will draw attention to airport security personnel. As soon as the suitcase is scanned, a security officer will take the suitcase and search it openly. This is the reason why most US Dominas will leave their “Kinky Suitcase” at home instead of taking it overseas. I don’t embarrass easily and I have no problem announcing and describing every kinky item found in my suitcase. Usually when the security officer notices that I am not ashamed of the contents stored in my suitcase they will stop the inspection and let me go. I travel so much that the TSA officers at the Atlanta airport know me very well so I’m not stopped and searched anymore. :- )

13. What about the rest of Avalon Residenz?

After seeing my favorite dungeon room Lady Marlon took me to “The Hall”. That space was huge! It was full of dungeon furniture [cages, suspension rack, CBT chair, throne, bondage table and chair, etc.]. This is where I filmed my video. The hall has a lot of natural light that is a great source for filming and photographing black women. So it was the ideal spot to shoot my video.

The final phase of the tour was the basement. There was a section for slaves who were into animal play exp; pigs, dogs, horses, etc. There is also a doghouse outside and a horse stable full of hay inside. It was very cool.

The next section of the basement was “The Confessional”. There was also a small closet beside the confessional for males who enjoy sensory deprivation.

A few feet from that are the cells with “The Investigation Chamber”. The prison section of the Residenz is very impressive. I’ve seen several BDSM prison facilities all over the world and I have to say that this is the best I’ve see so far. Not only are these prison cells realistic but they each have an emergency button installed in each cell just in case the slave need immediate attention or release.

At the very end of the basement is “The Vault”. In my opinion the vault is the scary section of the basement. It has several cages built in the walls but the scariest cage in the vault was the one in the ground. That cage was very deep, cold and medieval looking. It scared me just to look down into it. The vault also has a toilet for slaves. This was a good idea to place a toilet there so that the slaves won’t have an excuse to leave the basement. There are also private lockers for slaves to use to store their personal possessions.

The final phase of my tour was the courtyard. This is where they have the pillory, doghouse and rickshaw for pony training.

Later that day Lady Marlon and I was served by slave kor who fixed us a wonderful dinner. Afterwards, I wanted to learn some new bondage techniques so Lady Marlon used slave kor as a teaching tool. That slave was very lucky to have the attention of two Dominas at the same time. ;-)

14. How did you enjoy your video experience?

My video experience was great. This was also the day where I met Domina Mercedes for the first time in person. She wore an awesome leather halter dress which looked absolutely stunning on her. When I met Domina Mercedes it was as if I had known her for years.  She makes you feel very comfortable and welcomed. Domina Mercedes was beautiful as well.

She was the overseer of the video project which was professionally done. I was very impressed with the entire experience.

(You can see the video under www.avalon-club.de)

15. Did you have many slaves volunteer to appear in the video with you?

**Laughing** NO! Unfortunately, the slaves in Berlin were too scared to volunteer for the video project with me. The only BRAVE slave who endured my wrath was slave Heiko. I was very impressed with him because he’s the only slave in Berlin who has submitted to three black American Dominas and lived to tell about it. So far no other slave can brag about that but Heiko can.

16. During your stay did you get a chance to see Avalon Studio?

Yes! Actually, Domina Mercedes drove me to Avalon Studio and gave me a tour. That studio is fantastic! It has all kinds of tools, dungeon furniture, kinky gadgets and rooms. Pure heaven for a kinky minded woman like myself. 

17. It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself Goddess Amazon. Do you have any plans on coming back?

Absolutely! I really enjoyed myself and I will definitely return. I see great things happening for Avalon Residenz in the future and I’m so proud of Domina Mercedes and Lady Marlon. It’s good to see two intelligent and beautiful women create a powerful facility such as The Avalon Residenz. I wish them much success in the future and I will definitely return. 

18. If anyone has any questions for you how could they contact you? Especially slaves who wish to serve you at the Avalon Residenz in the future?

I can be reached at goddessamazon@goddessamazon.com if anyone has any questions.  I would love to receive email from all slaves who wish to have an unforgettable extended session with me at the Avalon Residenz. 

Thank you Goddess Amazon for this informative interview about the Avalon Residenz.

You’re welcome slave andy.